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Expansion of follicular helper T cells in the absence of Treg cells: implications for loss of B-cell anergy

Leonardo, SM;De Santis, JL;Gehrand, A;Malherbe, LP;Gauld, SB;

The maintenance of B-cell anergy is essential to prevent the production of autoantibodies and autoimmunity. However, B-cell extrinsic mechanisms that regulate B-cell anergy remain poorly understood. We previously demonstrated that regulatory T (Treg) cells are necessary for the maintenance of B-cell anergy. We now show that in Treg-cell-deficient mice, helper T cells are necessary and sufficient for loss of B-cell tolerance/anergy. In addition, we show that the absence of Treg cells is associated with an increase in the proportion of CD4(+) cells that express GL7 and correlated with an increase in germinal center follicular helper T (GC-T(FH) ) cells. These GC-T(FH) cells, but not those from Treg-cell-sufficient hosts, were sufficient to drive antibody production by anergic B cells. We propose that a function of Treg cells is to prevent the expansion of T(FH) cells, especially GC-T(FH) cells, which support autoantibody production.